Learning Through Play Everyday at York Gardens Nursery..

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Meet the Team

Joanna Robinson and Sonia Lee – Co-Founders of The Play People.


Our Story


Sonia and I started working together for Wandsworth Play Services in 2009 managing childcare and places for children to play.


We both believe that a child’s early years are their most important in terms of development and learning and their experience from birth to 5 has a huge impact on the rest of their life.


We know that the absolute best way for children to develop is through play. Through play children learn to communicate and make friends, solve problems and make decisions, to concentrate, manage risks and develop every other skill that we need in life. We know that children will play at any given opportunity,  but if we are able to provide opportunities based on what they like  in environments that will excite and interest them with the support of creative, enthusiastic and caring grown ups that their potential is unlimited.


Our vision is to provide exciting, innovative care with plentiful opportunities for play, interaction and development and so in 2014 we opened our very first nursery in York Gardens. The nursery has been refurbished throughout and we have wonderful resources for the children. All our staff share our vision and we will ensure that the children at York Gardens have days full of fun.


Company Director and Nursery Manager

Company Director

Sonia Lee

Joanna Robinson

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